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This Week on Life Ladder - 9th Aug 2021

Personal & Professional Development Content Programme

Week commencing 9th August 2021

Habits Unlocked

August is habits month.  Do you know the emotional habits that are holding you back?  Discover, unlock and break free from subconscious habits and start building habits that will support your growth professionally and personally.  We are breaking the month down into 4 themes: Habits of Thought, Emotional Habits, Relationship Habits and High Performance Habits. 

Week two is Emotional Habits.  By working through the 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System we explore 7 different habitual thinking patterns that make or break your results, and we bet most of these you haven't considered before.  

9th aug article image emotions


Leading Your Emotional Identity

What identity and perception are your emotions giving you to yourself and others? Discover how that affects your results and how others see you.

10th aug article image cogs engine


Emotional Intrapreneurship & You

Discover how being an emotional intrapreneur can help you evolve from reactivity to positive response habits that benefit your relationships and results.

11th aug article image imfo


How Do Your Feelings Count

Do you believe your feelings count or do you habitually suppress your opinions or emotions? Learn a great technique for making sharing your emotions easier.

12th aug article image critic review


Bust Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can be a habit that not only limits results but also impacts your emotions. Free yourself. Learn more about seeing it and busting it.

13th aug article image worry emotions


Break Up With Worry

The emotional pattern of worry becomes a habit that's a huge blocker to results and growth. Discover what you need to break the pattern.

article image trigger happy 14th aug


Why You Need to Identify Your Trigger-Happy Habits

How to identify and start managing the trigger-happy emotional habits that are getting in your way.

15th aug article image motion dancer


Imagine Emotion in Motion

Have you ever felt stuck in an emotion that it feels like you just can't shift? Today's content capitalises on the power of your imagination to help you change your emotional state. 



Lunch 'n' Learn - Replay
Lunch n Learn - 7 Steps for Leading Others

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Last week's Lunch n Learn replay is now live on the platform.

High performance is the outcome on the surface, however underneath that are 7 fundamental inhibitors or accelerators which cause others you lead to fail or succeed.

In this month's Lunch n Learn, dive into high performance leadership principles which help you connect hears and minds to results and truly empower and enable others.

Life Ladder's approach helps you help others to step up, be happy and achieve more with a unique combination of communication mastery, neuroscience and an energy that expands the mind and touches the heart, creating drive, passion and purpose.

Become a Life Ladder Member from as little as £8.33 per month when you take an annual subscription. 

Find out how you can power up your personal development & wellbeing here. 

Coming Soon on Life Ladder

Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

These powerful, informal sessions enable you to gain powerful strategies for your personal and professional development - and you can eat lunch while you do it!  The topics are now set for the rest of the year, they are:


From Starbucks to Toyota, how purposeful organisational habits can improve personal and business performance

Link coming soon

7 Keys to Putting the 'I' in Team
How to Present Powerfully
7 Keys to Mastering Your Productivity
7 Foundations for Plans that Deliver


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