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Life Ladder Launches One Million Hug Challenge

Sharing One Million Hugs for Global Wellbeing

Life Ladder, the e-learning platform for personal and professional development, has thrown down the gauntlet this February to our locked-down, socially-distanced and therefore hug-less world to share one million virtual hugs, around the world in just one month. 


#worldhugathon reaches 46 countries & over 73,000 people!  Get involved at our facebook community here.

The World Hugathon challenge aims to increase connectionsupport and happiness for everyone, everywhere.  Virtual huggers can share hugs with those they are distanced from such as colleagues, friends or family but equally to show a little love and support to those hit by the lockdown, such as those working in retail, hospitality, theatre or travel.  They can even use it to show gratitude to those who don't know they are helping them get through each day, such as the singers on albums or entertainers that make each day brighter or the businesses that have provided each other with support when times have been tough. 

“One of our key values is connection,” explains Life Ladder Founder, Natalie Rea. “Never has community spirit and connection been so vitally important. The intention of this campaign is simply to spread a little joy and fun around the worldIt’s ambitious to envision and strive for one million hugs around the world in one month, but together we can set the tone for a 2021 of greater joy and use the power of social media for a good cause - happiness.” 


There will be a new theme for hugs every day to inspire a new hug to be sent by the people following the challenge page, facebook.com/worldhugathon and participants can choose to send one of the challenge’s ready-made video and photo hug-o-grams. 

“All you need to do is to choose a hug-o-gram (or perhaps create your own), tell the recipient why you’ve thought of them and share it with the tag #worldhugathon and ask them to pass it on,” adds Chief Product Officer, Alison Prangnell, “that way we can track the volume of hashtags being shared during February and keep all the challenge huggers updated on how many hugs they’ve created!” 

The World Hugathon starts on 1st February, to find out more simply follow: www.facebook.com/worldhugathon where you’ll find all the information about how to participate and spread a little happiness and fun. 


Be a part of it! Follow the page for your free hug-o-grams and to track the results.