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Life Ladder Supports Corporates with Team Expansion

Life Ladder Corporate Membership Team Grows to Step Up to Increased Market Demand  

Life Ladder, the Personal & Professional Development Platform has further expanded its Corporate Membership team to ensure businesses large and small achieve the need for continued high performance in a post-pandemic world of increased remote and flexible working, the need for improved mental health and wellbeing support and economic pressures.  

Although many restrictions are now coming to an end post-pandemic, the complexities for businesses managing the on-going impact are far from over. Talent Development Teams are increasingly seeking innovative ways to equip all their employees with the mindsets, skills and behaviours that support wellbeing and happiness but also fuel performance and success.  Life Ladder’s innovative platform provides the support and development businesses need to address these pressing challenges. 

We are delighted to welcome to the team Andrew Murphy, as Head of Corporate Enrolment where he is supporting caring, ambitious and forward-thinking businesses to invest in professional development that enables happier, healthier lives. 

With a background in management consultancy (including PWC and Inforte) and having led his own successful businesses, Andrew has extensive experience in businesses of all sizes, across a broad range of industries enabling him to deeply understand the pain points business leaders face, from staff engagement, staff absence, staff turnover, stress at work, the rise in mental health and the challenge of under-performance.  

“Having also managed and led my own businesses, I’ve seen first-hand how mindsets and behaviours directly affect performance and productivity.  I’ve come across no other solution that combines talent development, business performance and wellbeing in this way.  

“I’m really excited to be able to help business address these challenges with this leading-edge methodology and a platform that makes professional development accessible and affordable to small businesses as well as large and most importantly, for all employees in the business, not just those in management, “ adding, “as Life Ladder develops your team, your team will develop your business.”  

Life Ladder’s Founder and CEO, Natalie Rea comments, 

“We are delighted to have attracted such a highly competent team and Andrew is key to Life Ladder’s growth plans to deliver personal and professional development that’s affordable and accessible for everyone, all over the world. 

We live and breathe our principles from the very heart of the business and will continue to navigate how the business world evolves and pivot to exceed the needs of business and individuals, with our corporate and individual members at the heart of all we do as we push ahead towards our vision for Happiness and Success for Everyone, Everywhere.” 



To find out more about life ladder and how we can help your talent development, wellbeing and business performance, you can find out more and see what our clients say here: https://www.lifeladder.com/corporate 

If you are interested in finding out more about how Life Ladder can help your business address talent development, wellbeing and performance, you can contact Andrew on Andrew.Murphy@lifeladder.com