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Are You Unconsciously Limiting Your Career?

Achieve Your Dream Career By Finding Out What's Stopping You

Have you ever thought “I work really hard. Why am I not where I want to be?” If so, it’s likely you are unconsciously limiting your career prospects.

Throughout my years of personal and professional development and coaching work, I’ve found time and time again that the stumbling blocks are significantly deeper than people realise. So much so, they’re not even consciously aware of what’s actually holding them back. 

As a Master Practitioner of NLP and NLP Coach, I work with people to discover any conscious or unconscious limitation that’s holding back progress and I’ve enabled countless numbers of people to improve their personal and professional success. You can read some examples of real people and real stories on our advocate page

We’re not always aware of what’s driving our behaviours. Recently I was coaching a client’s employee, working on a lack of energy at certain points of the working day. She thought she knew what it was but the outcome was staggeringly different. Using an NLP technique, we went back to one memory from when she was 6 years old. There was nothing particularly significant about that memory (at a logical level), but unconsciously that moment had defined her behaviours. The deeper mind is extremely powerful. When the right questions are asked, you can open the right door in the mind to see what’s needed to change habits and behaviours. After we cleaned up the memory, the subconscious pattern and belief changed. The memory was able to go back into the filing system in a clean state and she was able to make the changes she wanted. Seeing her energy and sparkle at the end of the session was incredible! Once the technique was completed, she went into immediate gratitude saying how much lighter and clearer she felt. She hadn’t realised that she’d been carrying that around and didn’t know it had any significance. The relief for her was huge. She went out beaming and the few times I’ve seen her since she made sure to let me know that she feels more empowered, energetic, and confident than ever before. Not only that, but she’s been getting great feedback from her colleagues and management team. So, do you think you’re unconsciously limiting your career?

How to find the invisible career limitation

See past the brick wall how Are you unconsciously limiting your career

There are different subconscious causes of limitations. These limitations could be one or all of the following:

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Memories
  • Decisions
  • Self-image or identity
  • Habits

It’s unlikely that you’ll know which one is your limitation, but here are a few signs to help you understand which area might need work.

You feel that the things you want are out of reach – there could be a belief in there that’s not serving you well.

You find yourself thinking ‘I can’t’ – there’s possibly a deep-rooted belief in there somewhere.

You find yourself going out of your way to avoid pain or difficulty – this would normally require work on your values.

You find yourself time travelling in your mind, going back to challenging moments or still figuring out why things worked out how they did – this may be a sign that there are some memories that your deeper mind wants to clear up and learn from.

You’ll always be more successful in your life and career when you focus your mind on what you want and where you’re going, instead of focusing on what you want to avoid.

The highest intention of the mind is to learn and evolve.

How to know if limiting beliefs are stopping you

Think of all the things that you can’t do, and why. Combine it within a “because” statement, such as:

Because I did not get a good education, I can’t get the career I want.

Because I’ve spent so long in one career, it’s too late for me to change.

Because I don’t have enough money, I can’t invest in additional training and qualifications.

Now, consider all the things that you perceive you can’t do and make it into a sentence with the 'because'.

Are your values limiting you?

Consider this question and answer it quickly without thinking:

What’s important to you about your career?

What else is important to you? What else?

Keep asking this until you have a list of about 5-7. This is NOT something you should analyse too much. The blurted out answers are most likely to be your real values as this will be your subconscious talking.

When you have them, ask yourself why each of them are important to you. Go through them one by one, asking why it’s important to you. If you find yourself saying something that moves you towards a goal, then that’s good. An example for this is “Because when I’m happy, I enjoy life”. This is a ‘towards’ statement.

If you find yourself saying something like: “Because I don’t want...” then you’re limiting yourself.

This statement means that you’re not moving towards a goal, you’re just avoiding a negative. The mind doesn’t handle that well and so it could be limiting you, changing your day to day behaviours at an unconscious level.

Are memories limiting you?

If you find yourself going back to old memories, ask yourself, ‘What is there to learn from that event?’

If it keeps coming back time and time again, then there’s something still to learn that will make you a better version of yourself. A true learning has to be about you.

Something that you can do differently, or new actions you can take to move forward.

Once you learn from memories, they change themselves. They’ll get upgraded by you with the wisdom that you have now.

How can I develop myself to improve my career?

If you’ve established that there are some limiting beliefs somewhere in your system, or you’ve discovered some avoidance tactics in your values system, then an NLP Coaching session will clear these up in 1 to 4 sessions.

The challenge is, not everyone wants to have one-to-one coaching or is able to invest in the premium price tag of performance or transformational coaching.

That’s why we created Life Ladder. Our Seven Step, Subconscious Catalyst System Approach provides the rewards of personal development coaching, without the premium price tag.

We enable our members to continuously work on their development in a flexible, affordable way so they can be happier and achieve more. 

Career development coaching vs. Life Ladder

Coaching is face-to-face, Life Ladder is an alternative to coaching online, which puts you in the driving seat.

Coaching requires a large upfront investment, Life Ladder is like a pocket coach, with resources available any time on any device, for an affordable £9.99 per month, like a gym membership for the mind. It is a cancel at any time service providing you with peace of mind, all the colossal impact, for a minimal price.

Coaching provides a live interaction which some may prefer to digital service, Life Ladder has daily personal development activities and coaching tools, as well as monthly online live learning sessions.

We have an expert coaching team providing daily coaching content to help you become your own coach to live your best life. We know a digital solution isn’t for everyone, but we also know that not everyone has the time or money for premium coaching or training courses. We want to make this kind of powerful, personal and professional development accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

If you know you’re ready to stop limiting yourself and reach all your goals, you can see what you get and sign up here and cancel any time without charge. We’d love to welcome you to the Life Ladder community where members build their happiness and success.