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World Hugathon Challenge Reaches 1/4 of World in 7 Days

World Hugathon's Virtual Hugs Make the World Smile

Life Ladder, the e-learning platform for personal and professional development, has officially launched the World Hugathon Challenge – one million hugs, one world, one month – on the 1st of February of 2021.


This #worldhugathon social media campaign was designed to foster a sense of togetherness to help people feel more connected in a world hit by social distancing and isolation. Our intention with this Hugathon Challenge is, thus, to share love, positivity, and gratitude through a small yet powerful gesture – a (virtual) hug.



Life Ladder is extremely proud to announce that, within just a week after its launch, the World Hugathon Challenge has reached 73,230 people and hugs have been shared across 46 different countries! Moreover, as these numbers exclude shares from private accounts (which cannot be tracked on social media platforms), it could be argued that these results are even higher. ‘This is what happens when people come together – this is community spirit at its best.’, says Life Ladder Founder, Natalie Rea. 'So, our mission to share one million hugs around the world in just one month has successfully connected one-quarter of the world in just 7 days!'.

Here are some examples of the hugs being shared!


In light of such exhilarating results, Life Ladder Founder, Natalie Rea, and Chief Success Officer, Alison Prangnell, express their appreciation for everyone sharing hug-o-grams with their loved ones and appeal for everyone to continue engaging with this campaign.



Follow the World Hugathon Page to find out more about this challenge and how you can also participate: https://www.facebook.com/worldhugathon


Will you share the love and help us achieve one million hugs around the world in one month?