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[Personal Development]

How to Discover What's Holding You Back

16 Powerful Personal Development Questions to Uncover the Blocks to Achieving Your Goals

“Just do it.” 



What is it that’s stopping you from getting what you want in life or your career? Do you know what you just don’t do what you WANT to do? 

Whatever the famous Nike slogan says about ‘just doing it’, we all recognise that feeling of resistance, or ‘inner blocks’ that just seem to stop us taking the action we know we need to take.   

Some might tell you that you need to get better at goal-setting, get your willpower under control, a better to-do list, an app that helps you to focus, that you’re not pushing hard enough or that you don’t have enough confidence; but how does that change anything for you?

You gain progress when you gain clarity on the blocks limiting your success,  then you can start making the choices to overcome them more easily.

 In this blog, we take you through a set of personal development coaching questions designed to help your mind gain clarity on why you do what you do and more importantly, why it seemingly you don’t do what you WANT to do. 

Get Clarity To Move Yourself Closer

to Achieving Your Goals  

Grab yourself a notepad and work through the questions we've shared below.  These questions will help you to reveal the limiting beliefs, fears, blocks or other subconscious thoughts that are obstructing your progress, then you can be clear on what to work on for your own personal development 


Take some time on this.  The true power in these questions is giving yourself time for some true reflection on the questions and coming up with the answers BEFORE you move onto the next question.  

16 Coaching Questions to Help You Gain Clarity for Your Next Steps for Personal Growth

  1. What’s Your Goal? 
    Think about the next thing you’d love to do for yourself in life (it can be anything – hobby, career move, date, whatever your dream is).  Jot down what it is you would like to achieve. 
  2. What’s stopping you from doing what you want to do? 
  3. What’s causing you to choose to let this stop you? 
  4. What would happen if it didn’t stop you? 
  5. What will happen if it continues to stop you? 
  6. What would need to happen for you to ‘just do it?’ 
  7. What could you put in place which will help you ‘just do it?’ 
  8. How can you change what you think and feel to help you feel ready to ‘just do it?’ 
  9. What would it mean to you if you just did it? 
  10. What options do you have to help you ‘just do it?’ 
  11. Are you willing to ‘just do it?’ 
  12. If not now then when? 
  13. If not you then who? 
  14. Is the outcome worth doing it for? 
  15. Why is it important to you? 
  16. Now are you ready to ‘just do it?’ 

You can also use these coaching questions to help friends and family. Coaching is a life skill for personal and professional life, so enjoy thinking through this and taking a leaf out of the Nike playbook! 

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Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash