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[Life Ladder News]

Thank You Teachers! Free Life Ladder Memberships for Teachers

Free Personal Development Membership to Support Wellbeing

As we start moving out of lockdown and into a new landscape as a Nation, we need our teachers more than ever! However, with as many as 75% of teachers having described themselves as ‘stressed’ before the C-19 lockdown, the additional pressures going forward are very real as they find themselves at the forefront of enabling the Nation’s recovery.

Personal development and mind management are key tools for helping build resilience, manage stress and improve mental wellbeing. This is why Life Ladder is gifting UK primary and secondary school teachers and leaders free, 12-month Life Ladder memberships worth £350.

Teachers can sign up for free here: expired 

“As a business, we feel it’s important to do more,” commented Life Ladder’s founder, Natalie Rea. “Mental resilience is priceless at any time. No more so than now, as we look to move positively out of Lockdown. Where teachers were already dealing with fatigue and overwhelm, C-19 and the uncertainty about what happens next to get our young people’s education back on track and supporting students and their families with what they’ve been through; pressures have without question, increased. We would like to do something for them.”

The flexibility of developing with Life Ladder will be reassuring for Teachers who simply don’t have time to prioritise their own needs during a working day. Teachers will be able to work flexibly on their self-care, any time of the day or night, on any device.