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[Personal Development]

Coaching for Celebrities vs. Therapy for Celebrities

Compare the Benefits of Coaching & Therapy for Celebrities

If you are a celebrity looking for coaching or therapy, you’re probably keen to apply scrutiny to your search to ensure watertight privacy.

The spotlight can cause a loss of your true self, because at some stage, somewhere, someone might judge and then you’ll have a PR issue to deal with.

Or you might struggle to find the right expert because the coach/therapist treats you like a celebrity when what you really need is a safe space just to be a person, with no pre-conceived ideas.

We are writing this to let you know what to expect from Celebrity Coaching compared to what you can expect from Celebrity Therapy sessions.


What to expect during celebrity coaching

Our founder Natalie Rea has a secret twist to her celebrity coaching, it is certainly like no other session.

Celebrities often choose coaching for developing confidence, tackling nerves, public speaking skills, pre-programming success – as high performing athletes do, mindset shifts, improving relationships with others and much more. Later we will explain what is covered in therapy and deeper healing sessions.

Although we wouldn’t share the secret publicly, we can say that if you’re a celebrity looking for a coach, you can expect:

  • An unconditional space to be entirely yourself without judgement, advice, or reaction.
  • Deep listening enabling you to feel entirely acknowledged for what you deeply think and feel that you cannot say to anyone, anywhere else.
  • Expect the sessions to be challenging at times, Natalie won’t make it easy just because you’re a celebrity, she’ll do what achieves the outcomes you are seeking.
  • Expect questions and be assured in complete concrete confidentiality.
  • Expect a deep discovery into your mind to identify any blocks, trapped emotion, or unconscious limitation.
  • Expect to find out new things about yourself.
  • Expect to do pre-session and post-session work, Natalie doesn’t work with any celebrity, only those who are ready to do the work.
  • Most sessions are done online so you can remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home, although Natalie is happy to meet at agreed locations if you would prefer face to face.


What to expect during celebrity therapy

Therapy is different to coaching, the celebrity therapy sessions help with deep fears, anxiety, depression, stress, guilt, shame, anger, unresolved traumas, painful memories, unresolved issues from childhood, loneliness, feeling lost or trapped, deep rooted self-doubt, phobias, sadness and even some physical conditions can be healed from working on the mind.

You can expect:

  • To be heard without judgement.
  • Safe space for emotion.
  • Transformational processes to enable subconscious healing.
  • NLP and hypnosis practices to facilitate change.
  • Expect to find things underneath the surface you don’t expect to be there.
  • There is an option or content free healing, so some processes can be completed without the need for explanation or detail, which some prefer for more personal issues.
  • Expect to have to surrender, even though you’re the celebrity, Natalie is the coach or therapist and will lead the session in a way that is right for your needs, you will not be seen as a celebrity, you will be seen as a human being.
  • Expect to be received and acknowledged for who you are, not for any past issues or mistakes, there is nothing you can say in sessions which will shock Natalie, no matter what you say, you won’t even see or feel a reaction.
  • Expect to be unconditionally accepted and appreciated good, bad, and ugly no matter what dark shadows come out during the session.
  • Expect it to feel daunting at times and expect to find a warm, comforting, safe energy encouraging you and helping you to get the best out of the sessions.


Measures we take to protect the privacy of our celebrity clients

  • Signed agreements.
  • No recordings.
  • Anonymous notes with no specific details.
  • Communication via non-celebrity email addresses or via someone you give permission to act on your behalf.
  • Agreed names and codes only known by you and Natalie.
  • Agreed ways to speak about yourself using another name, so if anyone was able to hack the system and hear the conversation, it is not clear you are speaking about yourself (this depends on the kind of session and levels of security appropriate for the situation).
  • Agreed expressions or movements to confirm a yes or no if you are concerned about verbally confirming anything.
  • An initial exploration of your needs and the security / protection you require.


Past experience includes:

Managers in the music industry, authors, presenters, speakers, singers, songwriters, performers and more.


Here’s what others say:

“Never felt so comfortable being my true self”

“Relief to feel normal”

“Felt so relaxed, I would have a session just to feel calm!”

“It isn’t easy to admit how I feel, even though it is much more accepted, I feel more free knowing I have spoken about it and realized I am not on my own, I am not going mad, it’s ok.”

“I was having some very dark thoughts and now I feel more whole.”

“I haven’t felt this good in a really long time”


How to book

Most bookings are dealt with via other booking links or emails, celebrity coaching is booked directly with Natalie and no one else has access to her emails.

Email Natalie (Natalie.rea@lifeladder.com) to book a call so details are not provided in writing.