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Life Ladder Supports the 72% on Global Mission for Life Change

Three out of Four People Want Significant Change in their Life

Following the impact of Covid-19 in 2020, three out of four people globally want significant change in their own life, according to a recent IPSOS/World Economic Forum Study.*

Across the 28 countries surveyed, 72% of people wanted their lives to change significantly rather than return to what they were like before the pandemic. 

This drive was also partnered with an overwhelming aspiration to improve the world. 

Globally, 86% of adults surveyed also said,

“I want the world to change significantly and become more sustainable and equitable rather than returning to how it was before the COVID-19”

Where a corresponding 92% of people** never achieve their goals, Life Ladder, the personal development hub for happiness and success has launched a limited edition, '£12 for 12 months' membership to help more people achieve their goals for their lives and their wider community. 

Flexible, Accessible Personal Development for Everyone, Everywhere

If only 8% of people succeed in their goals, then unprecedented times, inspiring a drive for unprecedented change for so many people, also calls for a new and different approach.  Life Ladder's Subconscious Catalyst System (SCS) works on the 7 key aspects of the subconscious mind, helping members change habits and behaviours to gain the lives they want and also improve their mental wellbeing.

"Our belief is that everyone, everywhere should have access to the tools and support that can enable them to create the change in their lives that will bring them the happiness and success they really want," comments, Life Ladder Founder and CEO, Natalie Rea.

"Our strategy is focused on making these personal development tools and way of life, accessible to anyone, which is why we have a monthly subscription.  In the light of the disruption and change many have experienced over the past year, we want to enable and support as many people as possible in that 72% to succeed in making that change happen which is why, for a limited time, we're opening up our membership for just £12 for a year. "

Life Ladder's focus is on personalised personal development that is not only affordable (normally £9.99 per month), but can also flex around the demands of busy lives.  

Ms Rea, also highlighted how Life Ladder aims to support those for whom existing solutions don't meet their needs. 

"We have found that there are many people who either aren't yet ready for one-to-one coaching or perhaps it doesn't yet fit into their budget or time.  Likewise, many people are seeking change and pick up their self-help or free resources but this information provides no on-going direction or support.  Life Ladder provides a framework with our unique, 7-step, 'Subconscious Catalyst System' and support through directed content, workshops, group coaching and the Life Ladder community."

The special offer, designed to help people kickstart at the beginning of the year, will close at the end of March 2021. 

Get more information about how to sign up. 




92% - University of Scranton Study