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[Learning & Development]

Compare Life Ladder Corporate vs Personal Membership

How Personal & Professional Development Membership Compare on Life Ladder

 A question we often get asked is “What’s the difference between Life Ladder Corporate Membership and Individual Membership?” and “why is the price of corporate membership different?” 

We know how important it is to have the full facts when making purchasing decisions so we thought we would write this article to clearly outline the differences and what is included. 

Our corporate membership pricing model is completely different, so let’s look at the price and what is included in each type of membership. 

What is Included in Life Ladder Membership? 

Individual Membership
£99 per person/year

Corporate Membership 
£299 per Employee/Year

  1. Access to Life Ladder Personal and Professional Development Platform including fresh daily e-learning content. 
  2. Life Ladder Live Session 
  3. Access to community groups 
  1. On-boarding process including presentations, toolkits, set up instructions, tips for leaders, templates for internal communication to gain buy-in to Life Ladder, and a 90-day on-boarding plan to ensure full integration and engagement. 
  2. Management of milestones throughout implementation to ensure all staff have set up accounts and engaged with the platform. 
  3. Staff access to Life Ladder Personal and Professional Development Platform including fresh daily elearning content. 
  4. Access to ‘corporate only’ content 
  5. Monthly Ask Us Anything 
  6. 12 x Life Ladder Live with the experts. 
  7. Access to the community groups 
  8. Updates on upcoming content and how to maximise ROI. 
  9. Opportunity to voice suggestions for content to align with business objectives. 
  10. Quarterly analysis and reporting of progress and engagement 
  11. Quarterly consultation calls to provide reporting on number of goals set and achieved, engagement and positive steps, including strategic recommendations to maximise return on investment 


Individual membership is a self-led personal development journey. Our corporate members benefit from on-boarding and on-going support from our Client Success Team in order to achieve optimal engagement among staff (and of course ROI) for this professional development strategy.   Quarterly engagement and success reports provide recommendations for greater engagement and personal development for teams to help build knowledge and mastery across the 12 development topics month-by-month and year-on-year.

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