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[Personal Development]

How Imagination Helps Your Personal Growth

How Imagination & Visualisation is Key to Personal Growth


The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere

Terence McKenna

As children, we play with our imagination all the time. We use it with ease and have so much fun with it. We can imagine anything; games, castles, and all sorts of magical places all taking place in our childhood minds. Children get their toys out and transport themselves to a totally new world. At the time we don’t realise what a gift it is to have imagination and to use it so often.


cartoon of person with a superhero shadow for imagination

As we grow up into adulthood, we get so serious and focus more on logic and practical. But when you think about it, all inventions and business ideas all started in someone’s imagination. We need to tap back into our ability to create in our minds, as easily as we once did when we were children.

Imagination is the most important ingredient to success! So how can we use it more?

The more you persistently apply imagination, the more easily you can tap into the success secrets that the world’s greatest people use to accomplish ground-breaking success.

Why is Imagination Important?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein


Imagination is a key pillar to a successful life! That’s why imagination is one of the Life Ladder seven steps in our 7-Step Approach, which our personal development platform members journey through to live their best life.

In this blog we want to highlight how imagination helps your personal growth and encourage you to create a world in your imagination. See in your mind’s the life you’d like to live if absolutely anything and everything is possible. Your idea of paradise on earth.

Let’s give it a go...

Grab a pad and pen and start drawing or writing what your ideal life is like in your mind, allow your imagination to run wild. If you’re not getting much appear in your imagination, it could mean you’re in ‘doing’ mode rather than ‘being’, your true inspiration and creativity comes from fun and play, like your childhood days. Allow your playful creativity to come out. Maybe sit comfortably with your eyes shut for a few minutes and see what your mind creates, it won’t take long for your hand to start moving and your page to fill.

Here are some things you can think about to spark your creative imagination:


imagination presentation cartoon presentation


If you find it challenging to create it as though you’re living it. Start with creating it like you’re making a movie and you see yourself on the screen like the star of the show. You can imagine you are a director of your very own show.

Spending a few minutes on this will help but it isn’t long enough to pick up focus and momentum, so we recommend spending 15 minutes on it. Think of it as a toy or game, you can pick it up anytime, while you’re on your daily commute; before bed as you drift off to sleep. You can use your imagination to direct your mind to your dream life any time you’d like.


let your imagination blossom

Imagination works!

Athletes imagine (or visualise) the perfect performance before they do it in real life.

Our Founder used to get playful imagining she was doing company speeches before the company even existed and now it happens in real life.

Today we invite you to play, just like you did as a child. Create your world of no limits.

Your Imagination gives your mind a road map of what you want which leads to purpose. When you keep generating desires in the mind, there is more energy, thoughts, and actions underway to complete your goals. Our Founder, Natalie Rea, gives you a practical example of getting the most from your imagination .


Key Points

  • Let your inner child out – they know how to use imagination like a boss.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • Imagination is a key step to reaching your dream life.
  • Use a sensory experience to activate imagination, consider what you will see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.