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This Week on Life Ladder - 23 Aug 2021

Personal & Professional Development Content Programme

Week commencing 23rd August 2021

Habits Unlocked

August is habits month.  Do you know the emotional habits that are holding you back?  Discover, unlock and break free from subconscious habits and start building habits that will support your growth professionally and personally.  We are breaking the month down into 4 themes: Habits of Thought, Emotional Habits, Relationship Habits and High Performance Habits. 

Week four is High Performance Habits.  By working through the 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System we explore 7 different habitual thinking patterns that make or break your results, and we bet most of these you haven't considered before.  



Performance Habits - The Habit that Sabotages Your Results

How to look out for what might be sabotaging good intentions and effort. Discover the meanings you make in your world and the results they create.



Performance Habits & Tuning Your Mind to Ease over Stress

How are you in the habit of valuing stress over ease and flow?  Here's an easy process to start experiencing how to tune your mind to success - easily.

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Performance Habits: Make Belief in Your Success a Habit

What if what your habit of measuring yourself against others is limiting you? Here's how to build greater self-belief for your own results and success.

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LUNCH N LEARN: 3 Organisational Habits to Stack the Cards in Your Favour

Discover 3 powerful (yet simple) habitual frameworks that are easy to apply and can be tailored to your life, your team or your organisation for greater results.



Performance Habits: The Power of Choosing Accountability

How leading by example with accountability inspires others and improves the bonds in your personal and professional relationships and where you can start today.



Performance Habits: How to Build Your Success Habits

Start building the foundations of high performance habits to get more from your personal and professional life.

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Performance Habits: Tuning Your Mind to Success

Use this meditation to tune your mind into directing you to experience the success mindset that will bring you the work & life achievements you're looking for.



Lunch 'n' Learn 
Lunch n Learn - 3 Organisational Habits to Stack the Cards in Your Favour

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This week, Lunch n Learn looks how you, your team and organisation can discover 3 simple habits that power up your performance.

Successful companies around the world purposefully develop organisational habits that not only improve performance for the organisation, but also change and improve culture and individual potential and it all comes down to the formula of being purposeful and applying habitual frameworks that are easy to adopt.

This workshop is ideal for any individual or manager who wants to experience and deliver results they can be proud of.

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Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

These powerful, informal sessions enable you to gain powerful strategies for your personal and professional development - and you can eat lunch while you do it!  The topics are now set for the rest of the year, they are:

7 Keys to Putting the 'I' in Team
How to Present Powerfully
7 Keys to Mastering Your Productivity
7 Foundations for Plans that Deliver


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