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This Week on Life Ladder - 19th July

Online Personal & Professional Development

Week commencing 19th July 2021

Isn't it time you made things happen?  This week in the Happiness = Success Season, we look at exactly that.  Your easy-to-do, microlearning content is about making things happen and getting over the blocks that get in the way of your results - and your happiness.  

As ever, we follow our 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System plus, we continue the series of 12 habits, decisions and beliefs that you that will impact and fuel your happiness and success. 

19 july 21 dream plan act article image


I Make Things Happen

Shine a light on where you can make more things happen, create more change and growth than you may have thought before.

how your values give you a winning hand in life


How Values Give You a Winning Hand

Discover how identifying values in others can help speed up your results and increase satisfaction.

Does success mean you have to struggle?


Belief #11 - Success Requires Struggle

What do you believe about the possibility of success and how it's achieved and could the reality be different?

Past experiences can get in the way of what you want to make happen in your life.  Start re-framing those memories for better results with this audio exercise.


Unlock Memories to Help Make Results Happen

Past experiences can get in the way of what you want to make happen in your life. Start re-framing those memories for better results with this audio exercise.



Decision #11 - Avoidance is Sabotage

What decisions could you be avoiding that are impacting your professional and personal life experiences? Time to decide.

24 july 21 flow graphic blue article image


Habit #11  - Choose the Flow Habit

Learn the benefits of the Flow State and how to trigger it for your benefit to make things happen for you.

meditation to help a flow mindset


Meditation - Ger Ready to Flow & Grow

Enjoy this meditation to help embed a flow mindset and triggers to experience it more easily in your life.



July Lunch 'n' Learn

Lunch n Learn - 7 Steps for Leading Others

Individual member tickets are now available and info on what we're covering can be found here.

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Coming Soon on Life Ladder

Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

These powerful, informal sessions enable you to gain powerful strategies for your personal and professional development - and you can eat lunch while you do it!  The topics are now set for the rest of the year, they are:

29th July

7 Key Steps for Leading Others to Success


From Starbucks to Toyota, how purposeful organisational habits can improve personal and business performance
7 Keys to Putting the 'I' in Team
How to Present Powerfully
7 Keys to Mastering Your Productivity
7 Foundations for Plans that Deliver


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