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[Life Ladder News]

This Week on Life Ladder - 14th June

Your Personal Development Content Programme

Week commencing 14th June 2021

The Happiness = Success Season continues and this week is about You & The World.

As ever, we follow our 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System plus, follow the 12 habits, decisions and beliefs that will accelerate your ability to achieve motivation to fuel your happiness and success. 

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Ditch Self-Judgement for Greater Results

How often are you a self-critic? Discover how identifying with this first is  hindering your happiness and success. Find out more today.

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Where Do YOU Rank in Your Life?

Are YOU high enough in your priorities to ensure your happiness & success? Learn more.



Belief #6 - I Can't Be Rejected

The fear of rejection holds you back from what you want and what you are most capable of. Start busting this belief today.



Let Go, Be Free, Live 'Better'

Letting go of the old makes way for the new. Listen to this audio meditation to help shed what's not serving your work or personal lives.

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Decision#6 - Why It's Time to Accept

Discover the simplest decision anyone can make that can make a profound difference to your day, mood and results!



Habit #6 - Check Your Emotional Signposts

How making a habit of using negative emotions to serve you, directing  you to what you need.



Bust the Lack Mindset that Holds You Back

Many people aren't aware of this mindset pattern and how it affects their life experience and results. Learn to flip the mindset that's holding you back.



July's Ask Us Anything - Send Your Questions Now!


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It's time to get your coaching questions answered in July's Ask Us Anything! 

These sessions are designed around your current challenges and tips about how to gain improved wellbeing and reduced stress, perform better, communicate with confidence, improve your relationships, make decisions that move you forward with others or simply to get past the beliefs, habits or self-identity questions that have been holding you back from experiencing the life and results you really want.

Remember...you aren't limited by the list above, your question could be ANYTHING!

Typically we cover 5 questions and the session gets published in the members community. 

To submit your questions:

Log into the Members Community and post your question with #AUA, or email us here.

Next AUA - 18th June


July Lunch 'n' Learn

The Bulletproof Toolkit for Reaching the Goal Finish Line

Wednesday 30th June, 12pm
Online Session
90 minutes (including 30 mins online coaching)

All of us set out with the intention of achieving a goal but sometimes it can seem like life is conspiring against your success.  This session gives you a bulletproof toolkit to build your resilience for achieving what's important to you, even when times are tough.

This session is open to the public.  Get your tickets via the link below.

Members: your discount code can be found in the Members' Community.

Click on the button below to join us.




Become a Life Ladder Member from as little as £8.33 per month when you take an annual subscription. 

Find out how you can power up your personal development & wellbeing here. 

Coming Soon on Life Ladder

Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

These powerful, informal sessions enable you to gain powerful strategies for your personal and professional development - and you can eat lunch while you do it!  The topics are now set for the rest of the year, they are:

30th June

The Bulletproof Toolkit for Reaching the Goal Finish Line

Book Your Spot

7 Key Steps for Leading Others to Success
The 7 Habits of Professional Success
7 Keys to Putting the 'I' in Team
How to Present Powerfully
7 Keys to Mastering Your Productivity
7 Foundations for Plans that Deliver


Links will be provided as soon as they are live.