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Register for the May Workshop

Workshop - 7 Steps to Self-Expression & Getting Your Voice Heard

27th May, 12.30pm, 90 minutes

1 hour workshop followed by an open coaching session


Location: online

How you value your own voice and viewpoints can greatly impact your wellbeing. Lack of confidence, feeling constrained and constricted by your voice and concerns unheard, contributes to stress and limits your ability to achieve what you want in your life and career.

This month's workshop is for those who want to boost their self-expression and to be heard for greater confidence and reduced stress for improved well-being.

What you’ll gain from this workshop

  • How to communicate in a way others listen to
  • How to overcome concerns of what others think in a way which still maintains harmony and good reputation
  • How to view your voice and your viewpoints as gifts you are sharing with others
  • How to overcome the frustration of not being heard
  • Powerful communication tools and methods to have powerful impact with your words
  • Inner self-care practices to meet your inner need to feel heard
  • How to overcome stress caused by limiting communication

Each workshop is followed by an 'any questions' group online coaching session.

The joining details for this event will be sent by email 24 hours prior and on the day of the event.


This workshop is hosted by Natalie Rea (CEO) and Alison Prangnell (Chief Success Officer) from membership personal development hub, www.lifeladder.com

For information on membership Life Ladder, the personal and professional development platform, click here.


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