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This Week on Life Ladder - 12th July

Online Personal & Professional Development

Week commencing 12th July 2021

The Happiness = Success Season continues and this week your easy-to-do, microlearning content is about how the Law of Ease* helps you achieve what you need to achieve in your professional and personal life without the stress and struggle with the result of more happiness and success.

As ever, we follow our 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System plus, we continue the series of 12 habits, decisions and beliefs that you that will impact and fuel your happiness and success. 

How to Create More Ease By Identifying Communication Styles


How to Create More Ease By Identifying Communication Styles

Life is easier when you can identify with your communication style & other people's, learn more about how.

13 july 2021 article image


Actions Aligned with Values Equals Ease

What is ease in your world, is it possible? If you had it what could it bring? Explore Ease as a value today.

How to experience more ease in your life in just 60 seconds


Belief #10 - You Can Experience Ease in 60 Seconds

When struggle takes hold it can be tricky to turn the tide, discover the one minute method to equip you in personal and professional life to get back to ease.

Learn this technique to build into daily life & see how much success multiplies in 28 days.


The 5 Minute Memory Map

What if you could multiply your success by 28 in one month? Learn this technique to build into daily life & see how much success multiplies in 28 days.

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Decision #10 - Choose Direction Instead of Drama

How often do you get caught up in drama? Learn how to choose direction over drama to support your own choices for success & happiness.

three habits to help you with greater ease


Habit #10 - 3 people, 3 questions, 9 lessons

As this week is about enjoying greater ease, learn how you can easily enlighten yourself with the sparkle of learning gems right under your nose.

positive emotions that help you with success


Reflect, Rejoice, Re-calibrate

Discover the power of the 7 main positive emotions and how you can recalibrate your mind for optimum happiness and success.



July Lunch 'n' Learn

The Bulletproof Toolkit for Reaching the Goal Finish Line

The replay is now live on the members' platform.

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Coming Soon on Life Ladder

Lunch 'n' Learn Sessions

These powerful, informal sessions enable you to gain powerful strategies for your personal and professional development - and you can eat lunch while you do it!  The topics are now set for the rest of the year, they are:


7 Key Steps for Leading Others to Success

Watch this space for more info coming soon.

From Starbucks to Toyota, how purposeful organisational habits can improve personal and business performance
7 Keys to Putting the 'I' in Team
How to Present Powerfully
7 Keys to Mastering Your Productivity
7 Foundations for Plans that Deliver


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