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Lunch n Learn August 2021

3 Organisational Habits to Stack the Cards in Your Favour

Successful companies around the world purposefully develop organisational habits that not only improve performance for the organisation, but also change and improve culture and individual potential and it all comes down to the formula of being purposeful and applying habitual frameworks that are easy to adopt.

This workshop is ideal for any individual or manager who wants to experience and deliver results they can be proud of.

In this workshop you'll discover:

  • How what happens in vagueness, stays in vagueness and how you can deliver greater performance through being 'purposeful'.
  • 3 powerful (yet simple) habitual frameworks that are easy to apply and can be tailored to your life, your team or your organisation for greater results.
  • Discover key questions that make the process of change and development easy and fuel continuous improvement.
  • How Life Ladder's 7 steps enable you to bring change and improvement to life and bring power to your habits.

This workshop is followed by 'Ask Us Anything' Life Ladder's group online coaching session. The coaching is voluntary and an addition to the main session. Join us to learn from our coaching team's responses to challenges pre-submitted by members and submit your own questions about your own performance or life challenges live online.

The joining details for this event will be sent by email 24 hours prior and on the day of the event.


This workshop is hosted by Natalie Rea, (CEO, Life Ladder) Marc Jordan (COO, Life Ladder) Alison Prangnell (Chief Success Officer) from membership personal development platform, www.lifeladder.com


For information on membership Life Ladder, the personal and professional development platform, click here.


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